Bundesliga Triathlon in Düsseldorf - again a Pretty Cool Race

I left Kitzbuehel two weeks ago now – and looking back now, so much has changed since Kitzbuehel! Yes, I may have gotten a little more attention from the media, but I have also gone from a girl in the middle of her exams to suddenly “having nothing to do” but Triathlon! I thought I’d get bored after just a day or two, but there’s still been so much going on that I have to admit, I haven’t really been bored yet! A few days in Oxford, a few days at home, a few days in Saarbrücken, a few days in Düsseldorf and now back in Saarbrücken (and lots of packing and unpacking in between – I hate both), there’s always been enough to do/catch up on to do that I’ve not really done much Maths again just yet :P

In England I had soon gotten back to the normal way of life – apart from finishing finals, it was all still the same… but when I arrived in Germany and the German U23 coach introduced me to his dog as the “European Champs silver medallist” – or the moment Jan Frodeno followed me on twitter - I knew that something had changed.

Last Friday I left for Düsseldorf at 7am (thank you to Matthias Zöll for taking me with him!) because I had been invited to my very first Press conference before the Bundesliga race on Sunday – pretty exciting! I wasn’t really sure whether I should be scared :P but I have to say it turned out to be a really fun morning of talking and meeting interesting people. And then the rest of the day was spent training, relaxing and watching Germany win the World Cup quarterfinal!

When the morning of the Bundesliga race had arrived, I have to admit, I was scared that I’d feel some sort of pressure just before the race – but it’s not pressure in any way that I felt – in the end it just means people are interested! And all I felt was the usual excitement to race – my first rain-free race of the season! The swim was a little brutal at the start as always, but I exited the water first behind the front pack – but they were close enough to give catching them a good shot. So I ran for my life in the about 400m long transition and not too long after getting on the bike I was in the pack – happy with that! The bike was pretty tough at times but it was great to be in a group that wanted to work! And then we were onto the run – the front pack of 8. I had a much better transition than in Kitzbühel (I suppose getting in my shoes faster than in Kitzbühel wasn’t too hard a task, but still…) and left transition with Andrea Hewitt, Laura Lindemann and the others.

Br4lTfSIIAEPluy.jpg large

Not too far into the run it was just Laura, Andrea and me left at the front – wow, running with one of the world’s finest, pretty cool I thought! Into the third lap we also dropped Laura – just me and the woman who came 5th at the Olympics… Andrea Hewitt sprinted away in the last 300m. However, I guess not everyone gets the chance to run 4.7k next to one of their idols, so I’m super happy with my second place! It was such a fun event and so great to have so many people coming to watch and cheer – makes racing even more exciting than it already is.

And now I’m back in Saarbrücken… and after an exciting and awesome weekend “away” I got my exam results today as well – and with a First Honours I am definitely happy! Now I just feel really lucky to have all the people in my life that make the tough times easier and the sweet times sweeter – Thank you!

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