Winning Gold in the British Duathlon University Championships 2012

Nine and a half weeks after starting my second year in Oxford I am now finally back at home. What a term it has been!

It all kicked off with Fresher’s week – my second week of absolutely no sport after a long and tough season – and with it the realisation, that there were now a new bunch of people who didn’t know a thing about Oxford – we’re getting old(er) ;). But the new year also meant that I finally got a bigger room (that didn’t just fit my bike, a bed and a desk in)!

But not long after the excitement of everything that had changed died off, the training and work started building up again, and I have to admit that of the 9 weekends in Oxford, there was only one where I was actually in Oxford all the time. This year also saw Mari Rabie returning to Oxford – and I finally had a training partner in Oxford! She is an amazing athlete and I truly respect her attitude towards training and academia!


I have started to introduce more running into my training and hence decided to do a few cross country races for the University. I was really excited about my first proper muddy Cross Country – and indeed it turned out to be VERY muddy! Not having any spikes (and as a result losing a shoe in the mud) definitively did not help my time, but doubled the fun-factor J

Another weekend in Sheffield for BUCS swimming, a second cross country race and a weekend at home later, I was nominated for Oxford University Sports Woman of the Year. Even though I did not win the award, I am very honored by the nomination and really was not expecting that! And I had a night to remember at the awards evening, meeting so many inspirational athletes from Oxford and celebrating all the success of all the University sport teams throughout the year.


And in no time it was the second to last weekend in Oxford, for most Oxford students the time when the lack of sleep from the previous weeks starts to kick in, but you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and the end of term is in reach. I decided to do the British University Championships (BUCS) in Duathlon for the University that weekend, and even though it was wet and cold, I did really enjoy the race! There were some really big names on the start list as well, so my goal for the day was to just go hard and enjoy it! And that’s exactly what I did! After the first run, I was still in reach of the front girls and had a slick transition (I was surprised too!) and first onto the bike course! And stayed in that position until the last lap! (I was constantly waiting for girls to overtake me, but no… nothing until the last lap). So I headed off onto the second run in second position – and was feeling fine! Good enough actually to catch the first girl and win BUCS Duathlon! I was so excited that I forgot about the fact that I got challenged to get the Oxford Captain a cup of tea before he finished, but he forgave me ;)

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