Trials of the German Triathlon Union in Potsdam - a good start into 2013!


I arrived in Germany with my mother on Friday, March 8 and in the afternoon I went for my first proper run in a week  - I had a little niggle on my right leg, so could only do very short runs for a week.  And everything felt perfectly fine, so I was more than happy and ready for the next day!

The next morning we woke up early (it felt even earlier than it was because of the time difference to England!) and headed to the pool after breakfast. My shoulders were still quite tight from the training in the last couple of weeks, but I still had the 5th fastest swim time. So no amazing swim, but a solid swim from me – I was happy and headed to lunch with excitement about the run!

After being teased for eating English Peanut Butter Bagels for lunch from everyone around me (who knows how much better German bread is compared to English – no offence!) we started to get ready for the run. As I was heading out on the warm up with another girl from the Bavarian Squad it started snowing! Not really what I had expected/wanted.

The run was on the track and we started in the order (and time difference) that we arrived in the pool in – so the girl finishing first would be the winner overall. As expected (with me slowly adapting to the British ways), I was the only girl to run in shorts ;). The run felt really good – I loved being able to properly run again! And after a few laps, I had caught the people in front of me from the swim, while only being overtaken by Sarah Wilm. One girl however decided to stick with me – and as my leg started hurting a bit again and my legs got more and more tired, I had to let her go on the last 200m. That meant I still finished 3rd (with an 18.18 run time – new PB! and second fastest run of the day!)

That went better than I expected, so I was happily limping back to the airport – where the people at the passport control decided I should go in the lane for people less able to stand… I didn’t think my limping was that bad! Luckily they didn’t know that I’d ran a new 5k PB just hours before…

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