T3 Triathlon Duesseldorf 2012

This race was only two weeks after I finished this year’s exams at University and even still the week before the race, my legs were pretty tired from training in the first week back. I was still hoping that my legs would be feeling better than in training a few days before the race. 

I looked at the race course the day before the race and I have to say it was beautiful! What a great location for a race! Unluckily, the weather on race day wasn’t as good as it was the day before – but I’m supposed to be used to rain! And then the race got on the way and I wasn’t expecting it to be so violent! Starting in the middle of the pontoon was definitely an error since every time I pulled away a little bit from the rest, someone hit me or decided to pull me back. It took me until almost the end of the swim to get to the front of the chase pack – behind three girls off the front. My transition wasn’t great, so I ended up chasing the pack for almost half the bike course – together with a few girls who decided to just hang in behind me… But already then I noticed that my legs weren’t quite there. And that showed on the run as well! It took me half the run course to only just feel like I was running properly, but I managed to hang on to third Junior, a not too bad ending to a hard race. And I definitely learned one thing – racing in Germany is different to racing in the UK!

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