Strathclyde Park Triathlon 2012 - a big event in the British Triathlon Superseries

This is one of the big events in the British Triathlon Super Series and promised to be very exciting since it was held on the 2014 Commonwealth Games venue.


I was prepared for the worst, with the race being in Scotland and the course almost made for crashes. But luckily the weather decided to be nice to all of us, so no rain! The race was a duathlon, since the weather has been too bad in the weeks running up to the race. It all started off a little unusual already with 8 girls starting 10s later than everyone else – they had received a time penalty for being late to the race briefing. The first run was also only 1.3k short, which meant that everyone was just sprinting to their bikes. My first run went relatively well and I ended up in  the second pack (with most of the other junior girls), with about 5 elite woman in front of us. And cycling the bike course made me realise why there were so many crashes on the course the year before. I was very careful on the very technical bit around transition, but that turned out to be not the best idea I’ve ever had. On the last lap, I couldn’t quite catch up to the group again after the technical bit and hence ended up loosing the pack with one other girl. This meant that I started running at least 45s behind the second pack! I still decided to just go for it on the run and see what I can do.

And even if the rest of my body didn’t feel amazing, my legs felt good and I managed to overtake another three girls, finishing third Junior. I was really happy with my run and rewarded myself with some yummy pastries from the athlete’s lounge ;)

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