RedVenom Team fastest mixed relay team at the Club Relay Championships, Nottingham, UK

DSC 0170Three years after doing my very first triathlon at the Club Relays, I went back there to race that exact event once again! The event was still very much the same – great atmosphere, slightly chaotic and lots of smiling faces! But apart from that, not much was the same as three years ago… Instead of starting for Optima Racing Team – my ex-Tri Club – I was on the start line for the RedVenom Team!

After getting up at 4.30am on Saturday (we drove all the way to Nottingham in the morning and had to be there for 7.15) we arrived at the venue – with a forecast of rain all day. I found the other three RedVenom team members (Heather Sellars, as well as Fergus and Doug Roberts) easily and it seems like we were all – including the team manager Tony Weed – equally excited about the event! And within no time, the race started! 

DSC 0146

After everyone had completed the 500m swim, we headed out on the bike course in 2nd position – with only the Loughborough University Team in front! The bike was just going as hard as we could and I was super happy when I finished it - Heather and I had done enough work to hand over to the guys at exactly the same time as Loughborough! When we then managed to build a sizeable gap to Loughborough on the last two bike legs we all got even more excited to go out and smash the run to take the overall victory. That was harder said than done though – my legs had tightened up in the hour between the bike and the run and made running a lot harder than it should have been! Luckily all the others in the team were flying and we all surprised ourselves to beat the second team by 3min!

It was such great fun to be out racing not just for myself and really want to thank Heather, Ferg, Doug and especially RedVenom for the great day out! The next day was spent in my brand new RedVenom compression kit (which I already love) – so luckily my legs are ready for the last bit of training before Germany next weekend!

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