Maschsee Triathlon – German U23/Elite Championships 2013, Hanover

After a few weeks of mainly focusing on training and working (my days consisted of training, cycling to work, working, training again and then pretty much straight to bed), this was the first big race “back” for me. On Thursday, I had my very last day  of my internship at ATASS Sports and then got picked up from my mother in Exeter to bring all my stuff back home. And the next morning it was time to head off again – next stop Hanover for the German U23/Elite Sprint Championships.

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Our race wasn’t until 12.45 on Saturday, so there was a lot of time to kill in the morning (not something I usually like), but time went by surprisingly quickly. I was really looking forward to the race – basically all the best German Triathletes were racing, including Anne Haug, Rebecca Robisch and Anja Knapp, and I felt privileged just to be allowed to be racing all of them!

The swim was less of a battle than I expected it to be – probably because I ended up drifting to the right every time I didn’t look up for a few strokes (I got pretty annoyed with myself about that! I was towards the back of the front pack going around the first buoy determined to stay on someone’s feet – and then just headed to the right instead!) – suppose I still need to sort that out before London. So I ended up exiting the water just off the front pack – luckily not having been eaten by one of the massive carps that swam around the lake!

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The bike was just a dead flat out and back bike course – so nothing exciting apart from one dead turn and one almost dead turn. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that got just left behind by the front pack, so I worked with the others, mainly Lisa Sieburger, and managed to catch the front pack after less than a lap – and that front pack had Anne Haug in it! The group then worked together pretty well and held off any other athletes trying to join it. Every time I was drafting off Anne Haug, I remembered a friends advice I was given before the race – “Just stay on Anne’s wheel” and had to smile ;)

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Probably the worst part about the race was my second transition! It must have been one of the slowest I’ve ever had… I ended up towards the end of the pack coming into T2, just because all the girls were pushing extremely hard in the last 500m. But that wasn’t all, my goggles and hat came out of the box when I took my cap out – so I had to put them back in not to get a penalty, which costed me important seconds. Once I was on the run, I got a bit of a stitch which made the running a lot less enjoyable. But I still managed to hold on to a 7th place overall finish and a 4th place in the U23 category – I’m definitely happy with that!

So even though my legs weren’t the freshest today, it was an amazing race to take part in and I guess I can be happy with my result! This season has already been so amazing, and I guess whatever happens in London at the Junior World Championships, just being allowed to race there is an amazing honour and source of excitement for me!

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