Hyde Park Relays 2013


Every year, the Cross Country Club also heads down to London to compete against most London and a few other Universities in the Hyde Park Relays. I was set to run the first leg for the Oxford A team, but in the morning of the race, most people of the B team bailed. So the B team ended up consisting of a single girl. She was obviously not too happy about basically going all the way to London for nothing.

For some reason, I decided to volunteer to run a second leg – and when no other girl of the A team volunteered to run more than one leg – I volunteered to run a third as well! So I ended up running the first leg for the A team, and the second and fourth leg for the B team...  Luckily my mother was around to help me with changing the number I was wearing!


I felt really good on the first leg and finished that as first girl (I ended up winning the fastest leg of the day!) – I felt like I was flying around the course (this is the feeling that makes me love running so much!). The second leg was after only a 2 minute break, so I took it a little easier, but still managed to overtake a few teams. The girl I was on the B team with put in an amazing effort, which meant we weren’t that far off the A team before I went on my last leg! And in the end the A team was only 20s in front of me! This meant an amazing 4th and 5th for Oxford – and that with only 5 girls racing!

I was really shattered after the race though! I don’t think I’ve ever done a better training session!

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