German Junior Championships 2012 in Grimma


One week after my first triathlon in Germany, I drove back there with my parents, this time for German Championships. I was hoping for fresher legs than the week before and the race proved to be an interesting one – one steep climb and a LOT of corners on the bike leg. I was also hoping for dry roads but that hope was crashed when an hour before the race there was a massive shower – with hail! All I could do is hide me and my bike under an umbrella and try not to get too wet. And then suddenly the sky cleared up and the sun came out – pretending like nothing had happened. 


The race started a lot better than the week before for me when I managed to get to the front at the beginning of the race and swim with a few girls off the front. The swim was in a river with a current and I could really feel that – my arms were about to fall off when I got to the turning buoy and then I was just flying back to the exit! On the way back we had the current in our favour and – I’m still not sure how I did it – I pulled away from the other girls, getting out the water with a 6s lead! That was a first for me ;) I was even a bit unsure what to do and because my transition was pretty slick as well (apart from that I had problems getting in my shoe) I was confidently in the first pack. And stayed there – even though the downhills were a bit too technical for me, which meant I had to catch back on the pack after every descent. Until then the race’s gone pretty well. 

But then I managed to first crash in transition – the carpets were wet and very slippery – and then had problems getting in my shoes – they were soaking wet from the thunderstorm! Hence I was running behind the other girls from the beginning, and didn’t have the legs to run back to them – still not fresh enough. So I ended a – for me a little disappointing – 5th. But I guess I still have a lot to learn, from not crashing to not killing myself too much before races in training. To put a positive note on the day – I was first to finish the doping test after the race ;).

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