Finishing 2nd in British University Triathlon Championships (BUCS) 2013 in Calne

There it was: my first Triathlon of the season! Finally I was able to run and race again after having to miss the British Duathlon Championships because of an injury. I have been looking forward to this race for a while… in the end that is what I have been training for all winter: racing! And now the fun finally begins!


I felt good in the water and managed to swim away from a strong swimmer in the Oxford Uni Swimming Club, which surprised me, but also gave me confidence for what was lying ahead. By the end of the swim (it was in a pool) I had overtaken everyone in my lane and they were drafting behind me. When I got out the guy marshalling kept shouting at them to do two more lengths, but silly me got confused, thinking he was talking to me and so I jumped back in. Luckily I realised my mistake straight away and got out a second and final time ;)


The bike was a non drafting race on a lovely course and knowing that a lot of the girls competing are very strong cyclists, I knew I had to push it on the bike if I wanted to have any chance to podium. So I went hard right from the start. Two of the other girls that started in my wave still managed to overtake me – despite the burn in my legs. This was my first race back since my injury, so I wasn’t 100% sure on whether I could rely on my run being as reasonable as it was before!

But even though Vicky Johnston from Loughborough University managed to cycle over a minute away from me, I was slowly pulling closer and closer on the run and then finally caught her! The running felt great! It made me realised what I really missed in the few weeks that I spent without running! In the end my run split was the second fastest girls run split of the day! And only Natalie Milne from University of Stirling went faster than me overall – I didn’t expect that! So it’s definitely been a good day showing me that I’m on the right track for the season ahead :) can’t complain about that I guess!

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