Finishing 1st in the Virgin Active London Triathlon Sprint 2012

So this was my last race of the season… and what a season it has been this year! I would never have expected to Qualify for Europeans in my second season, or finishing on the podium in the British Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon Championships. But there I was at the end of the season having done all that. That made the London Triathlon just the last race – have a bit of fun, no pressure and just enjoy it. And that’s exactly what I did.


My swim was alright. At the beginning I struggled a bit with finding my position, which allowed Sky to swim away, but I was still out of the water only 10 seconds behind her. After almost forgetting my wetsuit (which we had to take off before transition and put it in a bag), I was then alone in Transition and alone on the bike (all 20k of it!). I knew how far ahead Sky was, but I did not see her on the first turnaround point… and neither on the second one… In the end I decided something must have happened to her and when I got into the second transition, her bike was indeed not there yet. 

Hence I started the run and soon realised that I had about a 5-6min lead over the next girl… I felt really good, and wish there would have been someone there to properly push me, but “sadly” I was alone and after running slalom through age groupers for 5k I then finished 6min ahead of Armanni Antoine-Chagar.

What a great end to a great season! In the end it turned out that Sky had gone the wrong way on the bike and did about 6k longer (and a few dead turns and corners less). She still finished 3rd. At the presentation we were given “champagne” (ie alcohol free wine) and I’d like to think that spraying champagne is one thing I have definitely improved this season as well! Good fun – but you didn’t want to smell me afterwards!

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