European Junior Cup in Tabor


I was hoping to go away with a better run than at both of the races in Germany this season, just to give my mind a little rest and show myself that I can still run properly off a bike. With that in mind, I arrived in Tabor on Friday afternoon, still almost two days before the race. And it was hot when we arrived – too hot! At least too hot for the Czech Republic, since the hotel we stayed in did not have any air con in the rooms, which meant we had to try to sleep in hot and humid rooms – with not the biggest success! But I have to admit that was not just the weather’s fault ;) it was also the night of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, which of course had to be watched – at least until the German team had walked in. The next day was spent doing some pre race training and watching Olympics - in Czech – and trying to understand some of what was going on.

And then it was race day. I felt well prepared and the thunderstorm the night before also made sure that it wasn’t as hot any more. My swim was ok I guess, I didn’t get around the first buoy in the perfect spot, which then made me fall back a little, but I still got out of the water in the middle of the second bike pack – just behind the first. But then transition happened. I was happily sitting on my saddle when I failed to get my foot on my left bike shoe… And because it was going a little uphill, I had to dismount and get back on the bike again. When I was finally properly on my bike, riding, I found myself in the third pack. But I didn’t want to leave it there! Me and two other girls in that group were prepared to work and we took turns at the front and got closer and closer to the second pack, until we were in sprinting distance to the second pack, and I went for it until I was sitting on their wheels. I was surprised when we got off the bike that that had not left any major marks – for the first time in weeks, I felt like I was actually running and not just fighting! And even though my run split was still not quite where it needs to be and the result was not the best, I was happy with the day and flew back home with a smile on my face.

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