British Junior Duathlon Championships 2012 in Prestwold Hall


Me and my teammates were all still in the middle of our winter training and all had just done a hard training block. Hence, this race was more of a fun event and a training session rather than a key event. Especially as I had done the qualification race for the European Championships the week before. And the british girls had their qualification race the weekend after, so most of them didn’t turn up. And I could feel the tiredness in my legs. 


On the first run, I couldn’t quite keep up with the front girls and got out of transition just behind the big first chase pack - with Georgia Schwiening just behind the two leading women. I caught the chase pack easily and when I went to the front, I dropped them (without actually intending to do so!). So I was on my own, but I saw Georgia in the distance. I knew that she is probably one of the strongest Junior cyclists in the UK in triathlon, so I had to fight to catch her, but I did it in the end :) and then we ended up working together for the rest of the bike.

I knew that after that hard (but very enjoyable!) bike section, my legs would be dead, so the last 2.5k run was just about not being caught by the chase pack, and that turned out to be doable, so I finished very happily with a 2nd Junior place and 4th overall. Really didn’t expect that.

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