British Junior Aquathlon Championships 2012 in Birmingham

The day before the race, I drove up to Birmingham with my mum, where the race was being held. Even the day before it was cold and rainy, so I was expecting this to be a cold race, especially as it was in the morning. And it really was cold in the morning. When I got in the water before the race I was shocked by how cold it was, but there was not much time to whinge about it. In no time the race was on the way.

The first half of the swim did go quite well for me and then I suddenly got colder and colder and couldn’t keep my head and stroke together as well anymore. As a result I lost touch with the two girls in front, Sophie and Georgia. My transition then was even more shocking! First I couldn’t get out of my wetsuit cause I felt dizzy and then I couldn’t get in my shoes because they were so cold, I couldn’t feel them. As a result, I ended up getting out of transition behind the 4th girl, coming out of the water with the 3rd girl and having a gap behind us. But luckily my legs slowly defreezed and I could keep my run together to come third in the end. Not a bad ending to a horrible first half of the race :). And then I went back to Oxford and ran a 5km race for Oxford on the track in the Athletics Varsity - with dead legs.

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