Blenheim Triathlon 2013

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A week away from my exams (which do actually count towards my degree!) – the time when “normal” students start to really stress and go into revision lockdown – the time for me to go and have a fun day out racing at Blenheim! So far during the revision period, training has managed to do both: make me go insane and keep me sane – the first when there was so much training in a day that I didn’t find “enough” time to revise – the latter when there was a good amount of training in a day and training gave me just the perfect break between revision. So today, I took the morning off to de-stress and have some fun!

Hence, I’ve been looking forward to this race since quite a while and the excitement just increased when I found out that I was going to be racing two Olympians – Gill Sanders (Optima Racing Team teammate) and Vicky Holland - and more really good athletes! Going in the water, I knew what I wanted to get out of the swim – build confidence, prove that I can swim to my ability in a race even with really good athletes around! And that’s exactly what I did! A few (actually, more than just a few!) hits from people around me – and a few hits back – I was out of the water just in front of Gill Sanders.

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The Blenheim course is also famous for its 750m run basically all uphill into T1 and after having survived that – and having managed to actually get out of my wetsuit in an acceptable time! – I was off. And to my own surprise I found myself in the first bike pack – just Natalie Milne was 25 sec in front of that pack.

The bike course is one of the most stunning bike courses I’ve ever done and the hills in it also don’t make it particularly easy! Sophie Coldwell and Vicky Johnston also made sure that it wasn’t just an easy stroll through the park for our group! A lot of respect to them two! I’m not going to lie though, I was slightly disappointed in the lack of work that the two Olympians put in on the bike – Sophie, Vicky and I basically shared the work between us!

One of the senior women in our group decided to make a break about halfway through the last lap and actually managed to put quite a substantial amount of time between her and us! She even managed to bridge to Natalie Milne who had been riding alone at the front for the entire bike leg!

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Then heading on the run it was actually just Gill Sanders, Vicky Holland and Emma Pallant – who ran away from me! Unfortunately though, I didn’t manage to catch the two women on the front, but I felt good and finished the race in 6th overall. Having worked hard on bike and run – I was definitely happy with the result! And winning the Junior race was just the icing on the top of the cake! Can’t really ask for a better day! Also well done to the others and I’m hoping Sophie will find her running legs back soon! So I headed back to Oxford and after a nice lunch with my parents it was back to the books – well, more revision than books, us mathematicians don’t tend to use very many books ;)

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