Blenheim Triathlon 2012

DSC_0104 - Version 4

I was quite excited about this race since it is one of the most important races in my season this year – and also gave me some off time from revision. After a surprisingly good start in the swim, I ended up just missing the first bike pack by slipping back into the water on my way out and not running up the hill to transition fast enough. 

But I was still happy in the second bike pack and after the three laps (I only just found out that we only had to do three just before we got to transition! – not good) I my legs didn’t feel too tired. I then managed to have a good transition which got me in a good position for the run – second on the run off the second bike behind Maddy Winzer. 

I caught her after a bit and the run turned out to be just a battle against her. Even though I tried to get away a few times, it came down to a sprint finish in the end and when I heard someone shouting 400m to go, I just went as hard as I possibly could. I wasn’t expecting to beat her, and didn’t look back to check where she was but somehow I ended up crossing the finish line in front of her. 


I ended up coming 3rd Junior and 5th overall! What a great revision-break ;) especially the ‘champagne’ shower on the podium turned out to be good fun (but you didn’t want to smell me afterwards) - it was alcohol free wine from Germany! All in all a good race where I also learned some good lessons – like knowing how many laps I have to do on the bike!

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