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Hamburg 2014 - my First Race in the World Triathlon Series

20140712 ITU WC HH Sophia DSCN6611a

This weekend’s race might not have gone the way I had wanted it to – and I might not have gotten a result I know I am capable of, but not every day is going to go perfect and I’ve probably learnt more this weekend than I would have done had it all gone smoothly.

On Thursday I left Saarbruecken with Max and we hired a rental car – and I actually drove on the right hand side of the road for the first time! …

Bundesliga Triathlon in Düsseldorf - again a Pretty Cool Race

Br4lTfSIIAEPluy.jpg large

I left Kitzbuehel two weeks ago now – and looking back now, so much has changed since Kitzbuehel! Yes, I may have gotten a little more attention from the media, but I have also gone from a girl in the middle of her exams to suddenly “having nothing to do” but Triathlon! I thought I’d get bored after just a day or two, but there’s still been so much going on that I have to admit, I haven’t really been bored yet! …

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