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European Junior Cup in Tabor


I was hoping to go away with a better run than at both of the races in Germany this season, just to give my mind a little rest and show myself that I can still run properly off a bike. With that in mind, I arrived in Tabor on Friday afternoon, still almost two days before the race. …

German Junior Championships 2012 in Grimma


One week after my first triathlon in Germany, I drove back there with my parents, this time for German Championships. I was hoping for fresher legs than the week before and the race proved to be an interesting one – one steep climb and a LOT of corners on the bike leg. I was also hoping for dry roads but that hope was crashed when an hour before the race there was a massive shower – with hail! …

T3 Triathlon Duesseldorf 2012

This race was only two weeks after I finished this year’s exams at University and even still the week before the race, my legs were pretty tired from training in the first week back. I was still hoping that my legs would be feeling better than in training a few days before the race. 

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