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2013 Holten ITU Sprint Triathlon Premium European Cup

DSC 0073

So today I raced my ver first Senior international race – guess that means I’m slowly getting old? :) 

On the day before the race, me and my dad got up at 4am to drive all the way to Holland and be there in time for registration and race briefing – luckily there was no traffic so we made it in good time, but it still took us over 7h. …

Blenheim Triathlon 2013

DSC 0048

A week away from my exams (which do actually count towards my degree!) – the time when “normal” students start to really stress and go into revision lockdown – the time for me to go and have a fun day out racing at Blenheim! So far during the revision period, training has managed to do both: make me go insane and keep me sane – the first when there was so much training in a day that I didn’t find “enough” time to revise – the latter when there was a good amount of training in a day and training gave me just the perfect break between revision. …

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