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My First European Cup Win in Bratislava


What now? Me winning a European Cup? Are you sure? Well, apparently I did… It still hasn’t sunken in at all in any way, but my god I had fun out there today!

With my Bachelor Exams looming back in Oxford in no less than 15 days, I spent quite a while thinking about whether it’d be sensible/worth it to travel to Bratislava – and after a few weeks of no, I probably won’t go, I then decided to, well, just go for it! …

My First Race for the “German Triathlon Bundesliga"

IMG 0275

Now even my triathlon season has officially started. I flew over to Germany last Saturday morning – escaping revision a bit for the weekend (still had plenty of revision with me though…) to race in the first of four German Triathlon Bundesliga races in Buschhuetten. I am racing for the TV 1848 Erlangen team this year – one of the few teams consisting exclusively of German girls. …

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