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Strathclyde Park Triathlon 2012 - a big event in the British Triathlon Superseries


This is one of the big events in the British Triathlon Super Series and promised to be very exciting since it was held on the 2014 Commonwealth Games venue.

I was prepared for the worst, with the race being in Scotland and the course almost made for crashes. But luckily the weather decided to be nice to all of us, so no rain! …

British Junior Aquathlon Championships 2012 in Birmingham

The day before the race, I drove up to Birmingham with my mum, where the race was being held. Even the day before it was cold and rainy, so I was expecting this to be a cold race, especially as it was in the morning. And it really was cold in the morning. When I got in the water before the race I was shocked by how cold it was, but there was not much time to whinge about it. …

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