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Sophia is a German Elite Triathlete. She is the 2014 U23 World Championsilver and won in the 2014 European Championships. In 2015 - her first year competing in the World Triathlon Series - she achieved two top 10 rankings in Cape Town and London and finished 20th in the overall 2015 ranking. Unfortunately an injury and the passing of her father stopped her from racing to her potential in 2016, when she stopped her season early to spend time with her family. The bad luck didn’t stop from chasing her in 2017 and she was diagnosed with a bone bruise in early 2017, which stopped her from running for another two months. The rest of 2017 was spent trying to catch up on the lost training, but nonetheless the 2017 has been a step back in the right direction and with every storm passed, the will to get back to the top has only gotten stronger. Sophia is currently working hard on her dream of being back racing to her potential next year and making it to the start line of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Bringing sports and university together day by day is a critical part of Sophia’s philosophy. The balance between challenges in sports and academics has been an important factor for her success and she is working hard to motivate young athletes to follow the same path.

Aged 22, Sophia holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford and is currently pursuing her PhD studies in Combinatorics in Oxford.

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